about apriy

APRIY’s luxury wear and accessories combines the use of high-end skins and exlusive historical fabrics with the fine art of French tailoring and Italian craftsmanship in a refined contemporary style.

The special cut, fresh design, and the use of unique fabrics struck a chord with a sophisticated clientele. With the knowledge of the exceptional Italian craftsmanship, the designer inspires the master craftsmen in Indonesia to compliment their expertise with the knowledge of the modern western art. Aside from the pleasure of supporting and working with like-minded, highly-skilled manufacturers in the region it allows Apriy to actually guarantee an impeccable quality and a fair production process throughout.


Urban Aesthetic is the norm of the fashion brand APRIY. The designer deals with the beauty, art and taste of the city lifestyle and transforms this in his creations. APRIY thrives for ultimate sophistication in an urban city lifestyle; owning unique pieces that will remain in your closet for a long time and you will wear with confidence and pride.